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Antelope Valley Adventist School Student Visits the White House 

On December 2nd, Jett Sweeney got to do something many Kindergarteners can only dream of: he meet the President of the United State’s dogs, Bo and Sunny.

Every year the White House hosts a holiday open house and the media is welcome to take photos of the White House’s Christmas decorations. During this event, First Lady Michelle Obama invites military families to bring their children to the White House for a craft and cookie-decorating party.

Jett’s father, Nick, is stationed at Edwards Air Force Base where he is test pilot. Jett’s mother, Amber, is on the National Board for military families, one of the organizations that is granted a few tickets to the White House holiday event every year. When the Sweeny family realized they would be in Virginia during the time of the White House’s festivities, Amber decided to try to get tickets.

“We realized we would be visiting family in Virginia, so we thought: what’s a four hour drive to see the White House?” said Amber Sweeney in a phone interview.

The Sweeney family submitted information for the White House security check and later heard back that they had passed.

On December 2
nd, the Sweeney’s checked in at the White House.

The event started at 11:30 a.m. and lasted until 2:30 p.m.

Inside the White House, Michelle Obama stood up and thanked the military families for their service.

“I want to honor all of our military families here today, and around the world,” said the First Lady. “Thank you thank you for your outstanding service. Thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you to all the families for your sacrifice-for being so brave and good and kind. That’s why you guys get to be here first. And we wish you guys the happiest holiday.

“But for now, we’ve got some business to take care of,” Obama continued, addressing the children. “You guys want to follow me? Alright, we will take care of your children. You guys [parents] sit here. Relax. Don’t break anything!” she joked. “And happy holidays everyone. Thanks so much!” 

Then the children, Jett included, were taken into another room with the First Lady where they decorated cookies and met the famous “First Dogs,” Bo and Sunny.

The military parents waited in the foyer and ate hors d’oeuvres and cookies until the children came back.

Here Jett can be seen walking next to the First Lady

“For me, the best part of the event was sitting in some of the front row seats and listening to Michelle speak to military families,” said Amber Sweeney. “But meeting Bo and Sunny was Jett’s favorite part.”

Jett is currently a Kindergartener at Antelope Valley Adventist School. When he grows up, he has a lot of different ideas about how to spend his time.

“For awhile Jett wanted to be a dentist, but then he went to the dentist and that dream died really quick,” laughed Amber. “Right now he’s into bulldozers, so maybe construction. But it changes daily.”

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Published Jan. 14, 2016
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