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Newbury Park Adventist Academy Students Fast to Raise Money for Ethiopia

On October 21st and 22nd approximately 50 Newbury Park Adventist Academy students partnered with World Vision to give up food for 30 hours in an effort to raise money and fight world hunger.

The 30-Hour Famine began at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 and ran through Thursday, October 22nd at six a.m. Participants were provided with grape juice, apple juice, and water to drink throughout the course of the fast.

The event was sponsored by World Vision, a group that hosts several 30-Hour Famine programs at churches and schools each year.

Newbury Park Adventist Academy has participated in World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine for over 15 years, raising more than $25,000 to date. According to World Vision’s website, “[S]tudents will grow closer to Christ and each other as they fast together for 30 hours and raise funds to fight hunger.”

World Vision supplies 30-Hour Famine groups with everything they need to prepare for the 30-Hour Famine, including fundraising ideas, event schedules, games and activities, service projects ideas, and more.

On Wednesday morning, after already fasting since midnight the night before, students arrived at Newbury Park Adventist Academy.  There, they continued with their classes like normal and did not eat lunch.

After school, students broke into groups to do community service projects.  Some students went to Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School to help clean up the playground area, while others went to Simi Valley Adventist School to work on the garden and clean up around the school. A group of student volunteers went to Horse Therapy to clean. Another group was sponsored by the City of Ventura to go out into Marina Park for a fun beach cleaning activity. The last group ended up at Lighthouse for Women and Children (an outreach of Rescue Mission Alliance) to serve dinner.

Once the community service projects were completed, students were taken to a grocery store and each received a one-dollar bill. There, they were instructed to use their dollar to buy themselves breakfast in the morning.

NPAA Chaplain and 30-Hour Famine sponsor Fernando Rossi describes the students’ reactions to the task. “We wanted to show them how it works when people live on less than a dollar a day. It was very shocking for them,” he said. “But in the end, they loved working together to figure out how to solve the problem.”

After the community service projects, students returned to the school and shared their experiences with the group.

“When they came back from the community service project, the students had great stories to share,” said Rossi. “You could see how much they enjoyed helping, even though they were tired….that for me is the most rewarding part.”

The students also participated in team-building games in the evening, such as constructing a sleeping structure with limited supplies outside.

“World Vision sends games related to the place where we will be sending the money we raised,” said Rossi. “That way, students can then experience what people go through out there with no water, no food, and no access to education.”

This year NPAA students raised $1,000 to send to Ethiopia

That night the students slept in the school gym and woke up Thursday morning to breakfast.

Despite their exhaustion and hunger, students were excited about the money they had raised for the people living in Ethiopia.

“Not many kids have the opportunity to go on mission trips, but this is something the students can do to get involved in the community and beyond,” said Rossi. “We are so privileged; we have more than we need and many, many people in the world don’t. The 30-Hour Famine opened their [the students] hearts and helped them experience what it could be like to live in poverty and hunger. This is something we will do at Newbury Park again.”

Published Nov. 16, 2015
SCC Marketing Team